Scheeringa is actually the last name of a friend of mine, and I used the name because it sounded Irish to me, and very sprightly.  It turns out, the name is actually Dutch, but it still seems fitting to me. I studied Scottish and Irish music during my time at Peabody, and tried to capture some of that flavor in this composition.

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  1. Andy said the following on Aug 5, 11:54 AM — #

    The sheet music for Scheeringa is not posted for download yet because I am totally revising the score so it is easier to read and more playable, due to the inclusion of better fingerings and a few other technical tricks. Keep watch on the site, because I’ll hopefully have the score posted in a few more weeks.

  2. Andy said the following on Mar 23, 12:15 PM — #

    The sheet music for Scheeringa is finished! I must have had to re-notate this score five or six times, but I was finally able to figure out how to notate it without metric modulation (which can be a pain to interpret—I wanted to make playing this as easy as possible for everyone!) I highly recommend viewing my “Guitar Notation Explanation” file, a free pdf file on the “New Music” page. In some of the more difficult sections of the piece I’ve included right hand finger suggestions. These fingerings make it possible to play Scheeringa at an aggressive tempo. What tempo should it be played at, you might ask? As fast as you can play the hardest parts! Good luck, and I look forward to your feedback.