Commissioning a piece of music is a great way to be a patron of the arts and to expand the repertoire of the guitar.  I have worked in a variety of interesting situations, writing music for a church choir, a birthday, a wedding, and even for a video game.  Think about how even a minute of original music can be the perfect gift for someone special to you, someone you’d like to honor, or even for that someone who has everything.

If you are interested in commissioning an original composition for the guitar, please contact me at to work out specific details.  Price is negotiable, depending upon the desired duration and complexity of the work.  Works typically range from $300 to $500 per minute in length, though this may vary, depending on other factors.  Here are a few details to consider when commissioning music with me:


  • All copyright and ownership of the work remains with me.
  • I grant the commissioner the right to premiere the work, within the period of a year.  After that, the work may be performed freely, recorded, and/or posted online through my web site for sale (both audio and sheet music formats).
  • I grant the right for the first commercial recording of the work to the commissioner, within the period of one year from the completion of the work.
  • I retain the right to offer the work for publication.
  • I grant the right for the commissioner to be credited as the commissioner of the work on the score and in any program notes.
  • The commissioner will receive a copy of the final score printed and in pdf format.
  • Upon completion of the work, the commissioner will have one week to decide on the title of the work.  I reserve the right to reject titles that I deem offensive or inappropriate.
  • If so desired, the commissioner may request for me to perform or record the work, for an additional fee.